Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome WITT-FM

First off, I'd like to say welcome to WITT 91.9 FM in Zionsville, Indiana, which will be broadcasting Stuck in the Psychedelic Era at a time to be announced soon on their website at
Big thanks to Jim Walsh for making it possible.

This week I'm still having transportation problems, so once again I'm forced to pull something from the vault. Luckily, I recorded a couple extra shows back in March just for situations like this one, so you'll still be getting a previously unaired show.

Speaking of which, I thought about subtitling this week's show "Bordering on Obscurity," due to the number of album tracks, but then I realized the ratio between easily recognizable songs and the deeper cuts isn't really much different that the average week. It just seems that way since a couple of the shows that have aired since syndication started have been a bit heavy on the singles. So consider this week's show to be pretty much representative of what's in store for the future. And enjoy the long, "live in the studio" version of Voodoo Chile from side A of Electric Ladyland in the second hour. Yeah, the version you never hear.

That's all for now. I'll be posting a complete playlist this weekend. I could put it up sooner, but the RIAA frowns on posting playlists before airing. Apparently they think people are still taping off the radio.

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