Sunday, August 30, 2020

The last PRX audio player link

I'm afraid, unless something unexpected happens in the next 24 hours, that this week's playlists for Stuck in the Psychedelic Era and Rockin' in the Days of Confusion will be the last to include an embedded PRX audio player for those of you who can't hear the shows any other way.

I've made several attempts to contact Blogger about upcoming changes in the posting interface that are causing the player not to function (or even appear on the page itself), but have gotten no response. Unfortunately, those changes become mandatory as of September 1st.

If anyone has any idea how to work around this issue, please contact me with the info. I hate the idea that folks outside of the listening area of the various stations carrying the shows will no longer be able to hear the shows, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. Maybe until Blogger once again supports your embedded player, you can simply include a link with your playlists that directs your listeners to the PRX website for each new show so they can stream it from there. For instance: