Sunday, May 23, 2010

More 5/23/10

OK, I've got a little more information now, thanks to a call from Greg Cotterill last night while I was doing the show.

First off, regarding the scheduling on WITH: It seems there are two reasons that Stuck in the Psychedelic Era is running on Sunday night rather than Saturday night, as it is on WEOS. In fact, I just stated the first reason: Stuck in the Psychedelic Era runs on Saturday night on WEOS. Apparently, once the WITH signal is up to full strength (tomorrow), there will be some signal overlap between the two stations, mostly in northern Tompkins and southern Seneca counties. That means in places like Trumansburg you will be able to hear Stuck in the Psychedelic Era both nights if you want, although it will be the same exact show.

The second reason can be found on the new WITH website:
If you hit the schedule button, you will see that the Saturday night lineup consists of the House of Blues Radio Hour, Beale Street Caravan and Blacks and Blues. Obviously there is a theme to the night and speaking as a former program director I have to say it is a solid, consistent lineup with a lot of synergy between shows. Speaking of synergy, you'll also note that the Grateful Dead hour is running just before Stuck in the Psychedelic Era on Sunday nights. I have no idea what "rejuventations" is just yet (I Googled it and got a "did you mean rejuvenations?" message), so I guess we'll all have to wait for the interactive version of the schedule to become active.

Finally, I've posted a copy of last night's playlist if anyone's interested. I plan to continue doing this every week, so get used to it.

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