Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, May 22

First off, I want to apologize to my friends in Ithaca that were not able to get Stuck in the Psychedelic Era last week. Apparently, the folks at Ithaca Community Radio, which owns the 88.1 transmitter, decided to no longer carry WEOS on that frequency. I only found out about it myself six days after the fact, and thus carried on obliviously last week. What made it worse is that due to some weird stuff happening (a Saturday night Lacrosse game one week, severe weather the next), the same recorded show had just run for three weeks in a row, giving some people the impression that Stuck in the Psychedelic Era was being cancelled.

Let me say right now that is not the case. Stuck in the Psychedelic Era is still running every Saturday night at 9 on WEOS 89.7 , covering Ontario, Seneca and parts of Cayuga, Wayne and northern Tompkins Counties. In fact, I am doing the last live show tonight. (The show will be pre-recorded from now on for reasons I'll get into in the next paragraph.) If you can't pick it up on 89.7, try going to and clicking the "listen live" box. The streamed signal is mono only, but it is virtually lag free because of that, even on dialup.

That still leaves the problem of how to get Stuck in the Psychedelic Era in Ithaca. Well, I just learned that the show will be running on the new WITH 90.1 Sunday nights from 10-Midnight, starting May 30th. Granted, it will be a little weird getting used to tuning in on a different day, time and station, but at least it will be there. This, by the way, will be the exact same show heard Saturday night at 9 on WEOS. The only way to do this is for me to pre-record the show every week, which is why tonight is the last live show on WEOS. Feel free to call me tonight between 9-11 at 315 781-3897 or 1-800-213-WEOS if you want. I'll be there.

Now I know some of you in Ithaca have to get up for a day job Monday morning and may not be able to listen to the entire show Sunday night and I apologize for that. Truth to tell, I have no control over the scheduling of the show; that is done by the WXXI management team up in Rochester, which programs WITH. If you have any feedback regarding the scheduling of Stuck in the Psychedelic Era on WITH, you can probably contact them through the wxxi website ( At this moment they don't have a WITH website, although I imagine that will change in the near future.

Anyway, tell your friends that don't do the internet about the new day, time and station (WITH 90.1 Sunday nights from 10-Midnight) for Stuck in the Psychedelic Era in Ithaca. For the rest of you, I'll talk to you tonight and every Saturday night on WEOS. And in the future, if you want to contact me, go to the "contact" page at or just leave a comment here on the blog.

Thanks for sticking with Stuck in the Psychedelic Era through all the craziness lately. Remember, the music is really all that matters and that's not about to change.

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